Safety Regulations

Safety, snow cover monitoring , Regulations

Heli Austria regulations

  • Obligation to ensure the connections of the groups via radio (freq. 165.3375) during the descents on skis, in order to make possible the intervention of the civil protection organization in the rescue operations that may be necessary; in addition to providing the group’s telephone contacts for any emergency communications.
  • Obligation to have discussed and prepared the customers for the Briefing Heliski procedure on our website in the Safety, Snow cover monitoring , regulations section.
  • Obligation to carry out the preventive monitoring of the snow conditions in the activity area, to be viewed on the website in the link in the Safety, Snow cover monitoring , regulations section, before each day of activity.
  • Evaluation and visual check, during the operational approach flight, of the snow conditions along the chosen descent, carried out by the Alpine Guide or by the Ski Instructor, before each descent, in addition to checking snow cover arrived at the starting point before starting the descent .
  • All skiers who use the heliski service are equipped with special electronic signaling and search systems, such as the avalanche search apparatus (ARTVA), the shovel and the snow probe and the airbag, to ensure a suitable rescue and self-rescue intervention and are accompanied by ski instructors or mountain guides, counted in at least one unit for every four skiers.
  • Request for information by means of photos sent via e-mail regarding avalanche phenomena detected during descents. send on e-mail
  • Request for information by photos sent by e-mail concerning any findings made during the descents made with respect to the dynamics of the populations of the fauna and alpine bird life present and detected in the territories concerned. send on e-mail
  • In heliski operations the Heli Austria is only responsible for the part concerning the flight, for the parties: skiing, choice of descent path, snow assessment, assessment of avalanche risk, capacity and customer preparation are responsible mountain guides and ski instructors.