Booking & contacts

Flights will be booked only after having fulfilled all the indications and conditions, established by Law “legge regionale Piemonte 7 febbraio 2017, n. 1. Modifiche della legge regionale 26 gennaio 2009, n. 2. Art 28 bis. Attività di volo in zone di montagna.” and by the Heli Austria Regulations.

In addition, it is mandatory:

  • View and educate customers with Breafing heliski Heli Austria, also providing copies to customers
  • Evaluate the avalanche overlay table & Macugnaga heliski for risk management
  • Evaluate the avalanche risk by viewing the Arpa Piedmont extended avalanche bulletin
  • Evaluate the avalanche risk by viewing the avalanche bulletin Arpa piedmont summary ita / eng
  • Evaluate the snowpack by viewing the weather stations – Macugnaga Arpa Piemonte
  • Evaluate the weather condition by viewing the Arpa piedmont weather link

Radio freq. 165.3375 mhz
From Helicopter, radio equipment request Yes – No
Checked material AirBag Shovel Artva Sonde
Phone control with numbers entered on all phones:

112 Italia Italy
118 Italia Italy
144 Svizzera Switzerland

Roberto Sala + 39 348 58 16 471 ita eng fra
Marco Montagna + 39 348 59 17 733 ita eng
Fabrizio Mordenti + 39 347 54 71 491ita eng